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Actor Tammi Rogers’ Standard Biography 

Tammi Rogers was born to entertain. Her love for the arts began early in life. Her God-given natural ability to command attention shines onstage and backstage. She is known as an actor, director, acting coach, casting director, props manager, producer, singer, and speaker. Currently she is the Resident Acting Coach for The Actors Academy Baltimore, an acting group run by Asim Amin that offers classes to actors in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area. This versatile performer has been acting for 35+ years and has appeared in many DMV local & community stage plays. She made her debut at the famous Arena Players, Inc. March 2016 in the stage play, Witness for the Prosecution. She has graced the stage with and understudied for Shirley Murdock and D’atra Hicks, in Crystal L. Bass’ Ain’t No Love Like A Mother’s Love stage play. She thanks God for allowing her to draw people to Christ through drama. She would also like to thank Roosevelt Jackson [Roosevelt Entertainment] for casting her in her very first feature film, which has now grown into being featured in his last six independent films (Life According to Rasheada 1 & 2, Residue 1 & Residue 2: Dangers of Entrapment, A Conscious Battle, and Noo More Bully Zone). She also thanks Ursula V. Battle [Battle Stage Plays] for allowing her to act in several plays and co-direct two stage plays, 7 Days and A Christmas Miracle. She has worked with many directors in the DMV area to the point where she has quickly made a name for herself. After working with her acting coach, Stephen Mitchell [Cine-Paris Productions], she has starred in her own one-woman show (The Interloper – available on Amazon Prime Video) and has been featured in several other films written by him, including her upcoming TV series, Ask Aunt Lolly.

Theatre acting credits include: Why Me?!, The Mystery at Motown, A Good Black Man, Slaves to Sin, The Teachers’ Lounge, DisChord in the Choir, Happiness for Survival, Witness for the Prosecution, Wounded, Ain’t No Love Like A Mother’s Love, My Big Phat Ghetto FabuLe$$ Wedding, When the Worst Comes First, For Better or Worse, Lord…I Believe, 7 Days, The Show The Play, Sugar Hill: A Night of Declaration, Necessary Notes From The Sisters and Wounded (2021).

Film credits include: Life According to Rasheada 1 & 2, Residue 1 & Residue 2: Dangers of Entrapment, A Conscious Battle, The Interloper, House of Sharkes TV series, Torture TV series, His Fire, My Faith TV series, G.A.N.G.S.T.E.R.S., The Dearly Departed, Look Into Darkness, A Day in the Life (short), Mad City (short), Shock Nation TV series, Londyn & James, Noo More Bully Zone, Ask Aunt Lolly TV series, Handz Up, Life Goes On, The Detour, Sweet Dreams, Behind Closed Doors: The Redemption of Love, For All Have Sinned, 2nd Chances, Queen of Hearts, Penance, Covered Silence, The Story of Our Lives, District Queens: The Racine Robinson Story, Ties That Bind TV series, Baltimore Rewired, That’s Ah Girl TV series, Kisha (short), America Gone Viral, and We the People.

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