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Resident Acting Coach for

The Actors Academy Baltimore 

Dr. Tammi Rogers is currently the Resident Acting Coach for The Actors Academy Baltimore, an acting group run by Awsim Amin that offers classes to actors in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area. We provide a platform for directors, acting coaches, casting agents, producers and film makers to teach the techniques needed to develop and sustain a great acting career.

The mission of The Actors Academy is to awaken the imagination, emotion, and intellect of the student actor by making him/her aware of the transforming power and universality of acting and the skills required to achieve excellence in performance.

The courses this session will focus on nuances that all thespians must understand and have the ability to pull out of their "Actor's Bag". These talents, if mastered, will assist any actor in their progression within the craft.

The Actors Academy is hosted by actor/director extraordinaire, Awsim Amin. 

To contact The Actors Academy, please call 443-814-1589 or send an email to the following:

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